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We have been inundated with phone calls from both new and returning students who are asking how much is ATBU school fees for 2018/2019.

It is therefore against this background that we deemed it fit to write this post so as to acquaint you with the real ATBU school fees.

The importance of knowing ATBU school fees cannot be over emphasized. This is  because it constitutes one of the factors you must consider before making the school your choice of institution/school in your jamb registration.


In order to provide you with every useful information about ATBU School fees, we shall explore the following contents:

Table of Content

  • How Much is ATBU School Fees?
  • Can ATBU School Fees be paid by installments?
  • How to Pay ATBU School Fees
  • Deadline for the Payment of ATBU School Fees
  • Consequences of not paying ATBU School Fees
  • Will ATBU School Fees Increase in the future

How Much is ATBU School Fees

As at the time of updating this post, ATBU school fees is currently between the range of N14,500 to N39,500 for returning students. Meanwhile the one for freshers is between the range of N22,000 to N44,250.

Note that the management has not changed ATBU school fees. As soon they increase/reduce the school fees, we shall be update this post accordingly. We shall also notify you about that if you subscribe for our newsletter.

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Can I Pay ATBU School Fees by Installments?

One of the questions students and aspirants are fond of asking is “Can I Pay ATBU School Fees by installments?” An instalment (or installment in American English) usually refers to a sum of money paid in small parts in a fixed period of time.

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Please note that you cannot pay ATBU School Fees by installments. You are therefore expected to pay your school fees in full.

How To Pay ATBU School Fees

With the advancement of technology, you can now pay ATBU School Fees easily.

Steps To Pay ATBU School Fees Online In Nigeria

ATBU School Fees
How to Pay ATBU School Fees
  1. Visit ATBU’s website or portal (as the case may be) to apply for the service/forms of interest.
  2. If you are using the portal for the first time, you may be required to register. If that’s the case note that your username and password are important. So memorize them for future uses.
  3. Click on “Payment” tab/button after successful login and choose the INTERSWITCH PAYMENT OPTION.
  4. Confirm your payment details and click the tab to transfer operations to interswitch Payment Platform.
  5. Enter these details of your ATM Card (VERVE, MASTERCARD & VERVE-CASHCARDS ARE ALLOWED):
    a.The Card Number
    b.Expiration Date
    c.4-Digit Secret Code
    d.The last 3-digit Number on the reverse side of your ATM-Card.
  6. Click on “PAY” Button, and in less than 10 seconds, you are done!

Please confirm with your banks that your ATM-Card is ENABLED for Online Transaction before using it. If you don’t have an ATM-Card, you can also obtain VERVE CASHCARD for online payment from any commercial bank. We have information on how to open your ever first bank account and factors to consider.

Deadline for the Payment of ATBU School Fees

The deadline for the payment of ATBU School Fees is usually two to four weeks after the resumption of new academic session. Although, occasionally, it takes more than the aforementioned time frame. It all depends on the deadline of the registration of course.

This is because you cannot do your course registration without the complete or partial payment of school fees. In other words, the deadline for course registration determines the deadline for the payment of ATBU School Fees.

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In view of the aforementioned facts, students (both new and returning) are hereby advised to pay their school/tuition fees before the expiration of the deadline. This will help you to avert the danger and unfortunate consequences of not paying the school fees before the deadline elapsed.

Consequences of Not Paying ATBU School Fees

Your inability to pay ATBU School Fees can lead to so many consequences. Hence, we suggest you endeavor to pay your school fees within the time frame the school provided. We make the suggestion because we don’t want you to b a victim of any of the followings:

  • Inability to do Course Registration: Before you can register your courses for the semester, you must have completed the payment of ATBU School fees. The school can only enable the portal for you for course registration after you have completed the payment of ATBU School fees.
  • Extra Year: As a result of your inability to do course registration, you will have extra year. This means that you won’t be able to graduate on time.
  • Drop Out: If you don’t pay your ATBU School fees on time, it can lead to the consequence of you dropping out of school. Statistics shows that most people drop out of school due to their inability to pay their school fees.

Will ATBU School Fees Increase in the Future?

Our answer to the question above is in the affirmative. ATBU School fees, like every other variables, is subject to change. You must agree with me that the current ATBU school fees is higher than what it used to be at the inception.

Therefore, other things being equal, ATBU school fees will increase in the future. Below is a chart that demonstrate the inflation rate in Nigeria. It further buttress the fact that school fees  of ATBU will continue to increase in the future

How Inflation Rate Determines ATBU School Fees
How Inflation Rate Determines ATBU School Fees

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