Federal Government Calls for the Reintroduction of History Studies in Secondary Schools

(Last Updated On: May 1, 2018)

The study of history is very important to the society. It helps a people to know more about itself by promoting the people’s understanding of their past, in terms of both internal and external relationships. History satisfies man’s instinct of curiosity about past developments in all aspects of life. Thus, it links the present with the past and in effect stresses the continuity of human consciousness from generation to generation.

It is in realization of the aforementioned importance of history that the Federal Government called for the reintroduction of history as a subject in secondary schools. The Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu, said this in Abuja, while addressing delegates of the 61st Meeting of the National Council on Education Ministerial Session.

He appealed to the Council to consider making the study of Christian Religious Knowledge and the study of Islamic Religious Knowledge compulsory for both Christians and Muslims to the end of Senior Secondary School.
According to him,
“It is only the study of history, our own history that can explain and give meaning to our very humanity and that is why we must study it and teach our little ones, it is also not enough that they merely know who they are,we must teach them about their God, since it is said that if you want to destroy any nation it is either first the family is destroyed, then the education is destroyed and the third the social morals be destroyed and in Nigeria we owe both the present and future generations the responsibility to remove all inhibitions against making our children acquire morals and ethics.”

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  1. I want to study History Edu at UDUS Part-Time 200Level.I have NCE in SOS/YOR from FCE Pankshin What is the procedure?

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