List of Courses Offered in FUOYE (Federal University, Oye-Ekiti) and Their Requirement 2018

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2018)

Listed below are the available degree courses offered in Federal University, Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE). The courses have been arranged in alphabetical order, not according to their respective faculties. Please note that the underlisted courses are the only courses that are currently offered in FUOYE. Consequently any course that is not available below simply means the course is not being offered in FUOYE.

Please before you finally choose a course in FUOYE, ensure you understand what the course is all about. Specifically, you must understand the career prospects in the course, the O’ level requirement and the JAMB subject combination. It is also paramount to know the competitiveness of the course by checking the total number of candidates that applied for the course in FUOYE in the previous years.

In order to ascertain the aforementioned information to enable you make the right choice of course, we have provided you with the list of courses offered in FUOYE, the O’Level requirement and JAMB subject combinations. We have also provided you with the list of all the courses offered in Nigerian universities and the schools offering them.

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Below are the list of courses offered in FUOYE. The O’Level requirement and JAMB subject combinations are provided immediately after the list of courses offered in FUOYE below. Make sure you read the whole of this post before filling your JAMB Form or doing change of course or change of institution.

List of Courses Offered in FUOYE

  1. Accounting
  2. Agricultural Engineering
  3. Agricultural Science And Education
  4. Agriculture
  5. Animal And Environmental Biology
  6. Banking And Finance
  7. Biochemistry
  8. Business Administration
  9. Business Education
  10. Civil Engineering
  11. Computer Engineering
  12. Computer Science
  13. Criminology And Security Studies
  14. Crop Science And Horticulture
  15. Demography And Social Statistics
  16. Economics And Development Studies
  17. Educational Management
  18. Education And Biology
  19. Education And Chemistry
  20. Education And English Language
  21. Education And Mathematics
  22. Electrical/Electronics Engineering
  23. English And Literary Studies
  24. Fisheries And Aquaculture
  25. Fisheries And Aquaculture
  26. Food Science And Technology
  27. Geology
  28. Geophysics
  29. History And International Studies
  30. Hospitality And Tourism Management
  31. Industrial Chemistry
  32. Library And Information Science
  33. Mass Communication
  34. Mathematics
  35. Mechanical Engineering
  36. Mechatronics Engineering
  37. Metallurgical And Materials Engineering
  38. Microbiology
  39. Peace Studies And Conflict Resolution
  40. Physics
  41. Plant Science And Biotechnology
  42. Political Science
  43. Psychology
  44. Public Administration
  45. Sociology
  46. Theatre And Media Arts
  47. Water Resources Management And Agrometerorology

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FUOYE Admission Requirements (O’Level and JAMB Subjects Combinations) for all Courses

For one to be admitted into FUOYE, one must satisfy the FUOYE admission requirements including the O’Level and JAMB Subjects combinations for the desired course. These, among other factors, constitute the admission requirement for all courses in FUOYE.

Click Here to see all the O’Level Requirements and JAMB Subjects Combinations for all courses in all universities.

Applicants seeking admission to Part I (First Year) of a degree course in the University must be qualified for admission before the beginning of the session in which they wish to enter. The applicants must meet both:

  1. the general entrance requirements, and
  2. additional Faculty or Departmental course requirements.

Students intending to enter the University are advised to obtain information from the University about entry requirements to ensure that they have satisfied the requirements by the time they apply for admission.

Applications for courses leading to first degrees must be made on the prescribed form obtainable from the Registrar, Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, Suleja Road, Bwari, PMB 189, Garki, Abuja.

General Entry Requirements

The minimum entry requirements to the first year is a General Certificate of Education (or equivalent) with Credit passes in at least five subjects chosen from a list approved from time to time by Senate provided that in each case all the five subjects are taken and passed at not more than two sittings.

  1. One of the passes shall be a pass at ‘O’ Level or equivalent in English Language.
  2. Except in the cases of candidate for admission to the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Law, and for the Bachelor of Arts in Education in the Faculty of Education, one of the credit passes shall be a pass at ‘O’ Level or equivalent in Mathematics.
  3. A pass in the General Paper of the Higher School Certificate is regarded as equivalent to a credit pass in English Language at ‘O’ Level.

In addition to satisfying the minimum requirements indicated in regulations 1 and 2 above, candidates for the courses listed below must, among the five subjects presented in fulfilment of minimum requirements, also include the subjects and satisfy the other requirements indicated. It may be assumed that further requirements are not imposed for any degree course not shown in the following list.

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Courses Offered in Nigerian Universities and Their Requirements

We believe you have seen the list of courses offered in FUOYE and their requirements above. Now you can check out all the courses offered in all universities in Nigeria, and their requirements. You can also check the the list of universities in Nigerian offering any of the courses. Check out University Courses and List of Schools Offering Them Here. Meanwhile here is the the O’Level Requirement and JAMB Subjects Combination for all courses. To see the list of universities in Nigeria offering a particular course, click on the course below.

  1. Accountancy/Accounting
  2. Accountancy/Finance/ Accounting
  3. Accounting
  4. Accounting Technology
  5. Actuarial Science
  6. Actuarial Science And Insurance
  7. Adult And Community Education
  8. Adult And Continuing Education
  9. Adult And Non-Formal Education
  10. Adult Education
  11. Adult Education/Economics And Statistics
  12. Adult Education/English Literature
  13. Adult Education/Geography And Regional Planning
  14. Adult Education / Political Science And Public Administration
  15. African And Asian Studies
  16. Agric – Business
  17. Agric Cooperative Management
  18. Agric-Economics And Extension
  19. Agric Extension And Rural Development
  20. Agric-Extension And Rural Sociology
  21. Agric Extension Services
  22. Agricultural Administration
  23. Agricultural And Bioresources Engineering
  24. Agricultural And Biosystems Engineering
  25. Agricultural And Environmental Engineering
  26. Agricultural And Management Engineering
  27. Agricultural Economics
  28. Agricultural Economics & Farm Management
  29. Agricultural Engineering
  30. Agricultural Extension And Communication Technology
  31. Agricultural Producation And Management Science And Education
  32. Agricultural Science And Education
  33. Agricultural Technology And Education
  34. Agriculture
  35. Agriculture And Resource Economics
  36. Agronomy
  37. Agronomy And Ecological Management
  38. Anatomy
  39. Animal And Environmental Biology
  40. Animal Biology And Environment
  41. Animal Breeding And Genetics
  42. Animal Nutrition
  43. Animal Nutrition And Biotechnology
  44. Animal Physiology
  45. Animal Production
  46. Animal Production And Fisheries
  47. Animal Production And Health
  48. Animal Production And Health Services
  49. Animal Science
  50. Animal Science And Fisheries
  51. Animal Science And Fisheries Management
  52. Animal Science And Range Management
  53. Animal Science And Technology
  54. Anthropology
  55. Anthropology Biological
  56. Applied Biochemistry
  57. Applied Biology
  58. Applied Bology And Biotechnology
  59. Applied Botany
  60. Applied Chemistry
  61. Applied Geology
  62. Applied Geophysics
  63. Applied Mathematics With Statistics
  64. Applied Microbiology
  65. Applied Microbiology And Brewing
  66. Applied Zoology
  67. Aquaculture And Fisheries Management
  68. Arabic And Is
  69. Arabic Language
  70. Arabic Language And Literature
  71. Arabic Studies
  72. Archaeology
  73. Archeaology
  74. Archeaology Single Honour
  75. Architecture
  76. Arts Combined Honours
  77. Automobile Engineering
  78. Automobile Technology Education
  79. Automotive Engineering
  80. Banking And Finance
  81. Banking And Finance
  82. Ba Single And Combined Hons In Modern Languages
  83. Biochemistry
  84. Bioinformatics
  85. Biological Sciences
  86. Biology
  87. Biomedical Engineering
  88. Biomedical Technology
  89. Biotechnology
  90. Botany
  91. Botany And Ecological Studies
  92. Botany And Microbiology
  93. Building
  94. Building And Woodwork Technology Education
  95. Building Education
  96. Building Technology
  97. Building Technology Education
  98. Business Administration
  99. Business Administration/ Marketing
  100. Business And Entrepreneurship Studies
  101. Business Education
  102. Business Management
  103. Business Management/ Management Science
  104. Cell Biology & Genetics
  105. Chemical And Polymer Engineering
  106. Chemical Engineering
  107. Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering
  108. Chemical Sciences
  109. Chemical Sciences
  110. Chemistry
  111. Chemistry And Applied Chemistry
  112. Chemistry And Industrial Chemistry
  113. Chinese Studies
  114. Christian Studies
  115. Civil Engineering
  116. Civil Law
  117. Classical Studies
  118. Common & Islamic Law
  119. Common Law
  120. Communication And Language Arts
  121. Communication And Wireless Technology
  122. Communication Arts
  123. Communications Technology
  124. Communication Studies
  125. Communication Technology
  126. Communication Technology And Wireless Technology
  127. Comparative Religious Studies
  128. Computer And Communication Engineering
  129. Computer Education
  130. Computer Engineering
  131. Computer Information And Communication Science
  132. Computer Science
  133. Computer Science And Informatics
  134. Computer Science And Information Science
  135. Computer Science And Information Technology
  136. Computer Science And Mathematics
  137. Computer Science With Economics
  138. Computer Science With Economics Mathematics
  139. Computer With Electronics
  140. Computer With Statistics
  141. Conflict And Peace Resolution
  142. Conservation Biology
  143. Construction Technology Education
  144. Cooperative Economics And Management
  145. Cooperative Management
  146. Counsellor Education
  147. Creative And Visual Arts
  148. Creative Arts
  149. Creative Arts
  150. Criminology
  151. Criminology And Penology
  152. Criminology And Security Studies
  153. Criminology And Security Studies
  154. Crop And Environmental Protection
  155. Crop Production
  156. Crop Production And Horticulture
  157. Crop Production And Landscape Management
  158. Crop Production And Protection
  159. Crop Production And Soil Science
  160. Crop Production Technology
  161. Crop Protection
  162. Crop Science
  163. Crop Science And Biotechnology
  164. Crop Science And Horticulture
  165. Crop Science And Production
  166. Crop Science And Technology
  167. Crop Soil And Environmental Science
  168. Crop Soil And Pest Management
  169. Crs
  170. Curriculum And Instruction
  171. Curriculum Studies
  172. Cyber Security Science
  173. Data Management
  174. Demography And Social Statistics
  175. Demography And Statistics
  176. Dentistry And Dental Surgery
  177. Drama/ Dramatic/ Performning Arts
  178. Early Childhood And Primary Education
  179. Early Childhood Education
  180. Earth Science
  181. Ecology
  182. Ecology And Environmental Studies
  183. Economics
  184. Economics And Development Studies
  185. Economics And Development Studies
  186. Economics And Statistics
  187. Economics /Geography/Physics
  188. Economics With Operation Research
  189. Ecotourism & Wildlife Management
  190. Education Accounting
  191. Educational Administration
  192. Educational Administration And Planning
  193. Educational Administration And Planning
  194. Educational Administration And Supervision
  195. Educational Foundations
  196. Educational Foundations And Adminstration
  197. Educational Management
  198. Educational Management And Planning
  199. Educational/ Management And Planning
  200. Educational Management And Policy
  201. Educational / Psychology Guidance And Counselling
  202. Educational Technlogy / Introductory Technology
  203. Education And Accountancy
  204. Education And Arabic
  205. Education And Biology
  206. Education And Business Administration
  207. Education And Chemistry
  208. Education And Christian Religious Studies
  209. Education And Computer Science
  210. Education And Economics
  211. Education And Edo Language
  212. Education And Efik/Ibibio
  213. Education And English And Literary Studies
  214. Education And English Language
  215. Education And English Language And Literature
  216. Education And French
  217. Education And Geography
  218. Education And Government
  219. Education And Hausa
  220. Education And History
  221. Education And Igbo
  222. Education And Integrated Science
  223. Education And Islamic Studies
  224. Education And Language Arts
  225. Education And Mathematics
  226. Education And Mechanical And Automechanic Technology
  227. Education And Music
  228. Education And Physics
  229. Education And Political Science
  230. Education And Religious Studies
  231. Education And Science
  232. Education And Social Science
  233. Education And Social Studies
  234. Education And Sociology
  235. Education And Yoruba
  236. Education Arts
  237. Education /Construction Technology
  238. Education Fine And Applied Arts
  239. Education/ Fine Art
  240. Education/Fine Art
  241. Education Foundations And Management
  242. Education/History And International Studies
  243. Education Igbo And Linguistics
  244. Education Language And French
  245. Education / Language /English
  246. Education/ Mechanical/ Automobile Technology Education
  247. Education /Mechanical Technology
  248. Education Technology
  249. Efik-Ibibio
  250. Electrical And Computer Engineering
  251. Electrical And Information Engineering
  252. Electrical/Electronics Education
  253. Electrical/Electronics Engineering
  254. Electrical Engineering
  255. Electronics
  256. Electronics And Computer Engineering
  257. Electronics And Computer Technology
  258. Electronics Engineering
  259. Elementary Education
  260. Energy And Petroleum Studies
  261. Energy Studies
  262. Engineering Physics
  263. English And International Studies
  264. English And Literary Studies
  265. English Language
  266. English Language And Communication Studies
  267. English Language And Literature
  268. English Literature And Language
  269. English Studies
  270. Entrepreneurial Studies
  271. Entrepreneurship
  272. Environmental Biology And Fisheries
  273. Environmental Education
  274. Environmental Health Science
  275. Environmental Management
  276. Environmental Management
  277. Environmental Management And Toxicology
  278. Environmental Management And Toxicology
  279. Environmental Management Technology
  280. Environmental Protection And Resources Management
  281. Environmental Resources Management
  282. Environmental Science
  283. Environmental Technology
  284. Envrionmental Science And Technology
  285. Estate Management
  286. European And Nigerian Languages
  287. Family Nutrition And Consumer Sciences
  288. Film And Video Studies
  289. Film And Video Studies
  290. Film Arts
  291. Finance
  292. Fine And Industrial Arts
  293. Fine/Applied Arts
  294. Fine Art
  295. Fine Arts And Design
  296. Fine Arts/Fine And Applied Arts
  297. Fisheries
  298. Fisheries And Aquaculture
  299. Fisheries And Aquaculture
  300. Fisheries And Aquaculture Technology
  301. Fisheries And Aquatic Envrionment Management
  302. Fisheries And Aquatic Resources Management
  303. Fisheries And Wildlife Management
  304. Fisheries Management
  305. Fisheries Technology
  306. Food Engineering
  307. Food Science
  308. Food Science And Engineering
  309. Food Science And Technology
  310. Food Science With Business
  311. Food Science With Business
  312. Food Technology
  313. Forensic Science
  314. Forestry
  315. Forestry And Environmental Mgt
  316. Forestry And Environmental Technology
  317. Forestry And Wildlife
  318. Forestry And Wildlife Management
  319. Forestry And Wildlife Technology
  320. Forestry And Wood Technology
  321. Forestry / Forest Resources Management
  322. Forestry Wildlife And Fisheries
  323. French
  324. French And International Relations
  325. French And International Studies
  326. French With German / Russian
  327. Fulfulde
  328. Gas Engineering
  329. General Agriculture
  330. Genetics And Biotechnology
  331. Geography
  332. Geography And Environmental Management
  333. Geography And Environmental Management
  334. Geography And Environmental Science
  335. Geography And Geosciences
  336. Geography And Meteorology
  337. Geography And Meteorology
  338. Geography And Planning
  339. Geography And Planning Science
  340. Geography And Regional Planning
  341. Geological Sciences
  342. Geology
  343. Geology And Geophysics
  344. Geology And Mineral Science
  345. Geology And Mineral Sciences
  346. Geology And Mining
  347. Geology And Petroleum Studies
  348. Geophysics
  349. Geoscience
  350. German
  351. German Combined
  352. Glass Technology
  353. Government And Public Administration
  354. Guidance And Counselling
  355. Hausa
  356. Health And Safety Education
  357. Health Education
  358. History
  359. History And Diplomacy
  360. History And Diplomatic Studies
  361. History And International Relation
  362. History And International relations
  363. History And International Studies
  364. History And Strategic Studies
  365. Home And Hotel Management
  366. Home Economics
  367. Home Economics And Education
  368. Home Economics And Food Management
  369. Home Economics And Food Management
  370. Home Economics And Hotel Management And Education
  371. Home Economics And Management/ Economics
  372. Home Science
  373. Home Science And Management
  374. Home Science Nutrition And Dietetics
  375. Horticulture
  376. Hospitality And Tourism
  377. Hospitality And Tourism Management
  378. Hospitality And Tourism Management
  379. Hotel And Tourism Management
  380. Hotel Management And Tourism
  381. Human Anatomy
  382. Human Biology
  383. Human Kinetics
  384. Human Kinetics And Health Education
  385. Human Nutrition And Dietetics
  386. Human Nutrition And Dietetics
  387. Human Physical And Health Education
  388. Human Physiology
  389. Human Resources Management
  390. Human Resources Management
  391. Igbo
  392. Igbo/Linguistics
  393. Industral Mathematics/Computer
  394. Industrial And Environmental Chemistry
  395. Industrial And Labour Relations
  396. Industrial And Production Engineering
  397. Industrial Chemistry
  398. Industrial Design
  399. Industrial Education Technology
  400. Industrial Mathematics
  401. Industrial Mathematics /Applied Statistics
  402. Industrial Microbiology
  403. Industrial Physics
  404. Industrial Physics With Applied Geophysics
  405. Industrial Physics With Electronics And It Application
  406. Industrial Physics With Renewable Energy
  407. Industrial Production Engineering
  408. Industrial Relations
  409. Industrial Relations And Human Resources Management
  410. Industrial Relations And Personnel Management
  411. Industrial Technical Education
  412. Industrial Technology Education
  413. Information And Communication Engineering
  414. Information And Communication Science
  415. Information And Communication Technology
  416. Information And Communication Technology
  417. Information And Communication Technology Engineering
  418. Information Resource Management
  419. Information Science And Media Studies
  420. Information System
  421. Information Technology
  422. Information Technology
  423. Insurance
  424. Insurance And Actuarial Science
  425. Intelligence And Security Studies
  426. International And Comparative Politics
  427. International Relations
  428. International Relations
  429. International Relations And Diplomacy
  430. International Relations And Diplomacy
  431. International Relations And Human Resource Management
  432. International Relations And Strategic Studies
  433. International Relationship &Strategic Studies
  434. International Studies
  435. International Studies And Diplomacy
  436. International Studies And Diplomacy
  437. International Studies And Diplomacy
  438. Irrigation Engineering
  439. Is
  440. Islamic/Sharia Law
  441. Kanuri
  442. Laboratory Technology
  443. Land Surveying
  444. Land Surveying And Geoinformatics
  445. Language And Literature
  446. Languages And Linguistics
  447. Law
  448. Library And Information Management
  449. Library And Information Science
  450. Library And Information Science
  451. Library And Information Science
  452. Library And Information Studies
  453. Library Science
  454. Linguistic And Communication Studies
  455. Linguistic And Nigerian Languages
  456. Linguistic And Urhobo
  457. Linguistics
  458. Linguistics And African Language
  459. Linguistics And African Languages
  460. Linguistics And Communication Studies
  461. Linguistics / Edo
  462. Linguistics Igbo And Other African Languages
  463. Linguistics With Igbo/Yoruba
  464. Linguistics /Yoruba
  465. Literature In English
  466. Livestock Production Technology
  467. Local Government Administration
  468. Local Government And Development Studies
  469. Management
  470. Management And Entrepreneurship
  471. Management Information System
  472. Management Studies
  473. Management Technology
  474. Marine Biology
  475. Marine Biology & Fisheries
  476. Marine Engineering
  477. Marine Science And Technology
  478. Marketing
  479. Marketing And Advertising
  480. Marketing Education
  481. Mass Communication
  482. Mass Communication And Media Technology
  483. Materials Engineering
  484. Mathematical Sciences
  485. Mathematics
  486. Mathematics And Economics
  487. Mathematics And Education Technology
  488. Mathematics And Statistics
  489. Mathematics/ Computer Science
  490. Mathematics /Computer Science Education
  491. Mathematics/Statistics
  492. Mathematics /Statistics Education
  493. Mathematics With Computer Science
  494. Mathematics With Statistics
  495. Mechanical Engineering
  496. Mechanical/Production Engineering
  497. Mechatronics And System Engineering
  498. Mechatronics Engineering
  499. Media And Communication Studies
  500. Medical Biochemistry
  501. Medical Laboratory Science
  502. Medical Radiography And Radiological Science
  503. Medical Rehabilitation
  504. Medicine And Surgery
  505. Metallurgical And Materials Engineering
  506. Metallurgical Engineering
  507. Metal Work Technology Education
  508. Metal Work / Woodwork Technology Education
  509. Meteorology
  510. Microbiology
  511. Microbiology And Biotechnology
  512. Microbiology And Industrial Biotechnology
  513. Mining Engineering
  514. Modern And European Languages
  515. Molecular Biology
  516. Music
  517. Natural And Environmental Science
  518. Natural And Environmental Science
  519. Nigerian Languages
  520. Nursery And Primary Education
  521. Nursing/Nursing For Registered Nurses Only Sceince
  522. Nursing/Nursing Sceince
  523. Nutrition And Consumers Services
  524. Nutrition And Dietetics
  525. Nutrition And Dietetics
  526. Oceanography
  527. Office And Information Management
  528. Operations Research
  529. Optometry
  530. Parasitology And Entomology
  531. Pasture And Range Management
  532. Peace And Conflict Studies
  533. Peace And Development Studies
  534. Peace Studies And Conflict Resolution
  535. Performing Arts
  536. Performing Arts And Culture
  537. Personnel Management
  538. Petroleum And Gas Engineering
  539. Petroleum Chemistry
  540. Petroleum Engineering
  541. Pharmacology
  542. Pharmacology And Therapeutics
  543. Pharmacy
  544. Philosophy
  545. Philosophy And Religious Studies
  546. Physical And Health Education
  547. Physical Education
  548. Physical Education And Recreation
  549. Physical Sciences
  550. Physics
  551. Physics And Applied Physics
  552. Physics And Computer Electronic
  553. Physics/Astrology
  554. Physics Electronics
  555. Physics / Industrial Physics
  556. Physics With Computaional Modeling
  557. Physics With Electronics
  558. Physics With Material Science
  559. Physics With Solar Energy
  560. Physiology
  561. Physiotherapy
  562. Plant Biology
  563. Plant Biology And Biotechnology
  564. Plant Breeding And Seed Science
  565. Plant Breeding & Seed Technology
  566. Plant Physiology & Crop Production
  567. Plant Science
  568. Plant Science And Biotechnology
  569. Plant Science And Biotechnology
  570. Plant Science And Crop Production
  571. Plant Science And Forestry
  572. Plant Science And Microbiology
  573. Policy And Administrative Studies
  574. Policy And Strategic Studies
  575. Political And Administrative Studies
  576. Political Science
  577. Political Science And Conflict Resolution
  578. Political Science And Conflict Resolution
  579. Political Science And Defence Studies
  580. Political Science And Diplomacy
  581. Political Science And International Relations
  582. Political Science And International Studies
  583. Political Science And Public Administration
  584. Political Science / Interntional Law And Diplomacy
  585. Polymer And Textile Engineering
  586. Polymer Engineering
  587. Population Studies
  588. Portuguese
  589. Portuguese/English
  590. Pre-Primary And Primary Education
  591. Primary And Elementary Education
  592. Primary Education Studies
  593. Private & Islamic Law
  594. Production Engineering
  595. Prosthesis And Orthopaedic Technology
  596. Psychology
  597. Psychology Education
  598. Public Administration
  599. Public Administration And Local Government
  600. Public Administration And Local Govt
  601. Public And Community Health
  602. Public And Private International Law
  603. Public Health
  604. Public Health Technology
  605. Public Relations And Advertising
  606. Pure And Applied Biology
  607. Pure And Applied Chemistry
  608. Pure And Applied Mathematics
  609. Pure And Applied Physics
  610. Pure And Industrial Chemistry
  611. Pure And Industrial Physics
  612. Pure Chemistry
  613. Pure Physics
  614. Quantity Surveying
  615. Radiography
  616. Religious And Cultural Studies
  617. Religious And Human Relations
  618. Religious Studies
  619. Remote Sensing And Geosciences Information System
  620. Russian
  621. Russian With French/German
  622. Science Education
  623. Science Laboratory Technology
  624. Secretarial Administration
  625. Secretarial Administration
  626. Secretarial Administration And Education
  627. Secretarial Education
  628. Shipping And Maritime Technology
  629. Social Justice
  630. Social Work
  631. Sociology
  632. Sociology And Anthroplogy
  633. Sociology And Anthropolgy
  634. Software Engineering
  635. Soil And Environmental Management
  636. Soil Science
  637. Soil Science And Land Agro-Climatology
  638. Soil Science And Land Management
  639. Soil Science And Technology
  640. Soil Science Management
  641. Special Education
  642. Sport Science
  643. Sport Science
  644. Sport Science And Health Education
  645. Statistics
  646. Statistics/Computer Science Education
  647. Statistics Education
  648. Statistics With Demography
  649. Structural Engineering
  650. Surveying And Geoinformatics
  651. Surveying And Geoinformatics
  652. Systems Engineering
  653. Taxation
  654. Teacher Education
  655. Teacher Education Science
  656. Technical Education
  657. Technological Management
  658. Technology And Vocational Education
  659. Technology Education
  660. Telecommunication And Wireless Technology
  661. Telecommunication Engineering
  662. Telecommunication Managemnt
  663. Telecommunication Science
  664. Textile Science And Technology
  665. Theatre And Film Studies
  666. Theatre And Media Arts
  667. Theatre And Performing Arts
  668. Theatre Arts
  669. Theology
  670. Tourism And Event Management
  671. Tourism Studies
  672. Transport And Tourism
  673. Transport Management
  674. Transport Management Technology
  675. Transport Planning And Management
  676. Transport Planning And Management And Education Tpm
  677. Urban And Regional Planning
  678. Veterinary Medicine
  679. Visualand Applied Arts
  680. Visual Arts And Technology
  681. Vocational And Technical Education
  682. Vocational Education
  683. Vocational Industrial Educ
  684. Water Resources And Enviromental Engineering
  685. Water Resources Aquaculture And Fisheries Technology
  686. Water Resources Management And Agrometerorology
  687. Wildlife Management
  688. Wood Production Engineering
  689. Wood Products Engineering
  690. Wood Work / Education
  691. Woodwork Technology Education
  692. Yoruba
  693. Yoruba And Communication Arts
  694. Zoology
  695. Zoology And Aquaculture
  696. Zoology And Environmental Biology

FUOYE Courses: Meaning and Career Guide of Some Courses


Accountancy/Accounting is a course that involves the practice of recording, classifying, and reporting on business transactions for a business. It provides feedback to management regarding the financial results and status of an organization. Career prospects in accountancy/accounting includes Accounting Officer, Auditor, Procurement Officer/Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Forensic Accountant, Counter-Terrorism Financial Investigator, Environmental Accountant, International Accounting Specialist, Accounting Risk Analyst, Financial Analyst, Book Keeper, Budget Analyst, Bursar, Certified Public Accountant, Payroll Manager, etc.

Actuarial Science

According to Wikipedia, Actuarial science is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in insurance, finance and other industries and professions. Actuaries are professionals who are qualified in this field through intense education and experience. Career prospects in Actuarial Science includes Actuary, Risk Analyst or Consultant, Insurance Underwriter, etc

Adult Education

According to BritannicaAdult education, also called continuing education, any form of learning undertaken by or provided for mature men and women. Career prospects in Adult Education includes Community College Professor, Adult Literacy and Remedial Education Teacher, Human Resources Training Specialist, Human Resources Training Manager, Adult Learning and Instructor, Corporate Training Specialist, etc.


Architecture is a course that involves the process, art, technique and product of planning, designing and constructing of buildings or any other structures. Career prospects in Architecture includes Architect, Town Planner, Structural Engineer, Building Surveyor, Urban Planner, Property Developer, Project Manager, Industrial Designer, Higher Education Lecturer, Researcher, Furniture Designer, Interior Designer, Construction Manager, etc.


Biochemistry is the branch of science that studies the chemical substance and important process that takes place within an organism. It is the is the application of chemistry to the study of biological processes at the cellular and molecular level. Career Prospects in Biochemistry includes Analytical Chemist, Biomedical Scientist, Biotechnologist, Health Scientist Clinical Biochemistry, Forensic Scientist, Nanotechnologist, Scientific Laboratory Technician, Toxicologist, Health and Safety Inspector, Quality Manager, etc.


Biology is a course that studies life and living organisms. It includes the study of their physical structure, chemical composition, function, development and evolution. Career prospects in Biology includes Physician Associate, Research Scientist, Pharmacologist, Biotechnologist, Nanotechnologist, Microbiologist, Higher Education Lecturer, Nature Conservation Officer, etc.


Botany is a branch of biology that deals with the study of plants. It studies the structure, properties and biochemical processes in plant. Career prospects in Botany includes Agricultural Chemist, Agricultural consultant, Agrologist, Biologist, Biostatistician, Blogger, Botanist, Botanical Field Technician, Forest Manager, Forest Technician, Horticulturalist, Global Warming Advocate, Environmental Analyst, Natural Resources Manager, Plant Geneticist, Range Manager, Soil Scientist, etc.


Building is a course that studies the skills needed to be successful in the construction field. Career prospects in building includes Site Engineer, Logistics and Distribution Manager, Architectural Technologist, Building Surveyor, Construction Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Further Education Teacher, etc.

Business Administration

Business Administration is a course that studies a wide-range of aspects related to business operations. The wide range of aspects includes finance and accounting, marketing, human resource management, supply change management, and entrepreneurship. Career prospects in Business Administration includes Sales Executive, Business Analyst, Business Consultant, Corporate Investment Banker, Human Resources Officer, Project Manager, etc

Business Education

Business Education is a course that involves the practice of teaching students the process, methods and fundamentals of business operations. It is education designed for use in business. Career prospects in business education includes Education Administrator, Community Education Officer, Learning Mentor, Career Adviser, Counselor, etc.

Cell Biology and Genetics

Genetics and cell biology is the science of heredity. It is studied at the level of whole organisms (classical or transmission genetics), the DNA itself (molecular genetics), or whole populations (population and evolutionary genetics).

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153 thoughts on “List of Courses Offered in FUOYE (Federal University, Oye-Ekiti) and Their Requirement 2018

  1. Plz what are the o level subject combination to study buisness administration @fed uni oye ekiti?

    1. Richard the O’ Level requirement for business administration is English, Mathematics, Economics and two other subjects from arts or social sciences.

    2. Pls l have 229 in my jamb but my o level are data processing C4, CRS D7, economic c5, government c6, lit f9, civic education d7, English C4, yoruba E8, math B3. And l want mass com, my question is wil they accept awaiting result for literature in oye ekiti, pls it’s urgent

  2. Is microbiology a very competitive course in fuoye? And what is d utme subject combination?

  3. please what are the only level subject combination to study criminology and security studies

    1. Five credit passes in Government or History, English Language and three other subjects. At least a pass in Mathematics is required.

    1. Good morning Idris Bala. The procedure is to obtain the direct entry form. However JAMB has not released the direct entry form yet.

  4. wat if i want 2 do change of course 4rm bus admin 2 public administration or sociology, wat are d procedure

  5. pls WTF are my chances of gaining admission into fuoye wit distinction from fedpolyoffa in library and information science as a D. E candidate?

  6. Gud evening, am an NCE graduate at federal college of Education Abeokuta, n I want to do my Direct Entry into Fuoye to study Economics n development studies or political science my question are
    1.what is d CGPA u accept to study dis course u accept NCE students especially from another state
    3.what are d requirements
    pls I need urgent reply because DE form will soon be out so I can know where to choose
    Thanx n God bless u

    1. Gud evening, am an NCE graduate at federal college of Education Abeokuta, n I want to do my Direct Entry into Fuoye to study Economics n development studies or political science my question are
      1.what is d CGPA u accept to study dis course u accept NCE students especially from another state
      3.what are d requirements
      pls I need urgent reply because DE form will soon be out so I can know where to choose
      Thanx n God bless u

    1. There is nothing like first or second choice any more. The new JAMB system permits you to choose one Federal University, one State University, one Polytechnic and one College of Education. In a nutshell FUOYE must be your first choice, then a state university should be your second choice, a polytechnic should be your third choice while a college of education should be your fourth choice

  7. hello i want to study industrial chemistry, i put mathematics biology and chemistry in my jamb conbination. am i good to go for the course and is it also competitive and also what are the o’level cobination

    1. The subject combinations is ok. The O’ level requirement is Five science credit passes in English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology/Agric. Science. The course is not that competitive.

  8. Can I study electrical egineering in fuoye or eksu with pass d7 in english please need reply urgently

  9. Gud evening, am an NCE graduate at federal college of Education Abeokuta, n I want to do my Direct Entry into Fuoye to study Economics n development studies or political science my question are
    1.what is d CGPA u accept to study dis course u accept NCE students especially from another state
    3.what are d requirements
    pls I need urgent reply because DE form will soon be out so I can know where to choose
    Thanx n God bless u

  10. Acedemia,what is d cut of mark for studying Economics and development studies in fuoye. Moreso, is it a competitive course in fuoye?

  11. pls what are the courses I can study in Fuoye with my subject combination. physics chemistry biology, am a DE student

  12. good evening academia i choose fuoye as my 1st choose by choosing public administration bt later i found that there is such thing as public administration….is it possible if my cutoff mark go along with fuoye can they give another course related to social science or accountancy

    1. Stephen it is possible, but you have to do a change of course. Also take into cognizance the subject combinations and o’ level requirements.

  13. Hi academia, I scored 191 in my Jamb, having my olevel result as math c5, eng A1, economics c5, account c4, and i want to study Accounting. What percentage is d possibility my admission if I choose FUOYE as my first choice?

  14. Please, what is FUOYE’s requirement for Theatre and Media Art? I mean O-level and Jamb combination

  15. l did not choose fuoye,is it possible for me to change the institution to study one of the science courses at fuoye,l scored 201@jamb and my o level results are as follows:Eng C6, Math B3, Chemistry B3, Biology B3, Physics C6, Animal husbandry C4, Agric B2

  16. Academia pls
    Am an Economics/political science student,
    which educational course can I go for,for my DE Since I can’t choose Political science for DE

  17. Wat is the subject combination in jamb for studying political science in fuoye ad their o level requirement

  18. Plz wat is the subject combination for hospitality management in fuoye and do they accept low jamb cut off mark like 178.

  19. Please, what’s the subject combination to study mathematics science in fuoye?

  20. I also want to know if Fuoye offers Industrial relation and personnel management and what are the subject combination for Jamb and Utme screening

  21. pls academic I want to study mass-comm at fuoye and I had 209 in jamb but am using two sitting will i still be admitted?

  22. gud afternoon…I chose fuoye as my first choice and I had 181 as my jamb score and I choose computer science as my course… I av any chance of getting admission in fuoye

    1. It depends on your O’ Level grade. But i must be honest with you: your jamb score is too low for computer science. So i advice you do a change of courses

  23. I wnt to study English nd literary studies but i scored 219 in jamb and dis are my scores in neco literatureb2 economicsc6 govtc5 Englishc5 mathsd7 crsc5 is it possible to gain admission in fuoye dis year.

  24. Academia,pls what is d jamb cut off mark n jamb subject for studying civil engineering at Fuoye n also O Level result needed

  25. Gud afternoon academia, am so much confused. somethings are not clear to me which i think u can assist me. pls academia i need quick responses on wat i wanna ask u and solutions

  26. I was given admission letter in fuoye dis 2017/2018, i now want to ask if is truely out, bcos dis person collected 8500 for registration and she has me to scan my certificates such as waec, jamb result,birth certificate not only dat she collected 25000 again.

    1. Olamide please be informed that the 2017/2018 admission has not commenced yet in FUOYE. Meanwhile JAMB is the one in charge of admission letter and the admission letter for 2017/2018 is not ready yet. I guess you have just been scammed.

    1. The screening form for FUOYE is not out yet. Please readers be warned: The internet is infiltrated with various forms of scams. Scammers have started sending messages to aspirants of different schools informing them that the screening form of their school has been out since and about to close. Meanwhile in reality the form is not out. Admission scam is real. Please beware.

  27. pls help me out with quick respond. bcos dis person printed admission letter for me

  28. and also looki at dis i scored 192 and had 4 b’s and 4 c’s in my o level result. i want to study accounting and i choose fuoye as second choice

  29. Goodday, academia.

    Can I study SOCIOLOGY @ fuoye with 181 and my WAEC is good except lit in Eng which i believe i don’t need it. And moreso, is it competitive? Thanks

  30. pls sir i scored 184 in jamb and my combination are math,english,economics and geography and i want to study banking and finance am i good to go sir

  31. pls academia,what is d cut off mark for studying civil engineering and o level result needed

  32. is it possible to do change of institution to FUOYE to study computer engineering?
    Jamb 2017/2018 mark 213. I have all my science subjects in one sitting waec.

  33. pls I put university of oyo ekiti as my second choice and I scored 198….

    my course History and international relation.


    This is my Waec result
    English c6
    Maths C6
    Economics C6
    Government B3
    CRS B3
    Biology D7
    literature D7
    Igbo language B2
    Commerce A1.

    With ths can I get admission into the university.

    pls reply ASAP.

    1. You are eligible for screening but I can’t say whether u will be admittance or not because we don’t the number of people that have applied for the same course and their score.

    1. You are eligible for screening but I can’t say whether u will be admitted or not because we don’t know the number of people that have applied for the same course and their score.

  34. Hello academia! I chose fouye as my first choice
    And I scored 195 in my jamb, and here is my results in o level (neco) one sitting…… Math C5
    ,Eng C5
    ,Civic C5
    ,Biology C5,
    Chem C5,
    physics C6,
    Agric C6,
    Geography C6,
    book keeping E8
    And I took biochemistry as a course. What’s the percentage of my admission please help me to calculate it. Thanks

  35. please i score 238 in jamb and i want 2 study sociology but i dont knw if government is required in my Olevel cos i gat d7 in government please help me out with d jamb and Olevel subject combinations 2 study sociology

    1. The O’ Level requirement for Sociology is English, Government or History and any other three subject from arts or social sciences. Meanwhile the UTME subject combination is English and three other subjects from Social sciences or arts.

  36. is there Public Administration in Oye Ekiti??
    and What’s the Subject Combination??
    and also when is the screening coming out???

  37. I scored 180 in jamb
    my Olevel is mathsb3 engB3 chemistry C4 physics C6 economics C5 which of this courses would I have upper hand in computer science or computer engineering

  38. hi,I score 194 in jamb and c5 in all my olevel subject and I choose his/international studies am I qualify and wat is my point pls calculate it for me

  39. sir, I had 193 in jamb and put in for mathematics but in my o level result I had B’s in phy,chem &geo, C’s in mat,eng&geo and E’s in bio&agric……..sir am I good yo go???, besides do they accept eco or geo in lieu of bio???…….God bless you as you reply

  40. pls sir my o ‘level i hv
    math c 6
    eng c 6
    econs b 3
    acct b 3
    civic c 4
    commerce c 5 and my jamb i score 198 and i wnt to banking & finance in fuoye am i elegible for d admission ?

  41. pls sir my o ‘level i hv
    math c 6
    eng c 6
    econs b 3
    acct b 3
    civic c 4
    commerce c 5 and my jamb i score 198 and i wnt to banking & finance in fuoye am i elegible for d admission ?

  42. pls wat d requirements subjects for political sci ad beside I hv c5 c6 all tru my olevel result ad my jamb score is 215 pls sir are my good to go or wat are d tinx u wish I shud know….God bless

  43. I got 195 in jamb and I av b3, b2 and 3 c5 in my relevant subjects nd my course z computer engineering… Whatz my chance of gaining admission sir

  44. Please I scored 247with these subjects Maths, English, Econs & Commerce. My waec- English c5, Govt b3, Econs c5, Commerce c5, account c5 & Maths e8. I chose accounting,which course can I change to & without government in JAMB? Will neco meet up?.

  45. Pls, I want to ask how competitive is business administration at Fuoye??
    I had 195 in jamb. Am aspiring for business administration.
    My o’level results at One sitting include d following:
    Please wat are my chances of getting admission?

  46. I scored 195 in jamb,5 credit in 0 level but Government is not included, wish to study Demography and social statistics, can I gain admission into FOUYE

  47. Good evening please I want to study banking and finance @ fuoye…. I’ve calculated all d necessary things to calculate and I arrived at 48% should I keep hoping for admission sir?

  48. Ok thanks. I also did jubeb at funaab but they’ve scrapped college of management and they are yet to release out results. with the answer you gave me should I forget about using jamb and use my direct entry because I also picked fuoye? I’ll upload the results as soon as they release. i know I’ll surely pass that.

  49. What is the o level and jamb requirements for criminology, sociology and mass communication or is there any site I can find it in fuoye

  50. I scored 217 in jamb in lit in Eng, Eng lang, govt and crk
    I also have o level.
    Maths 3
    Eng 5
    Civic 1
    Marketn 1
    Govt 2
    Yoruba 6
    Lit in Eng ,7
    Am I qualified for sociology ,mass comm, history & int. rel and criminology .pls academia I need u urgently

  51. I scored 217 in jamb in lit in Eng, Eng lang, govt and crk
    I also have o level.
    Maths 3
    Eng 5
    Civic 1
    Marketn 1
    Govt 2
    Yoruba 6
    Lit in Eng ,7
    Am I qualified for sociology ,mass comm, history & int. rel and criminology .pls academia I need u urgently

  52. Pls am i eligible to study mass communication in fuoye.
    Scored 217 in jamb in the following : Eng, lit, govt,& crk
    O level . maths2 ,Eng 5 ,crk 2, civic1, marketing 1 ,govt 2, econs7 ,lit in Eng 7
    Academia pls reply ASAP

  53. I have A & B in the following subject ENG ,maths, Yoruba ,marketing ,crk, civic, govt
    I also scored ,220 in jamb
    Am I qualified for either criminology, , sociology, int.relations, or public admistration
    In FUOYE

  54. Please sir, which course do i choose for my DE, i am an NCE graduate, study english n Yoruba without literature. So am confused about the course to study. My O level result is science courses. Please help me ooooo

  55. pls sir I score 161 in jamb,,c4math, c4english, physics b2,chemistrya1,biologyb2 ND I want to study food science ND technology am I good to go

  56. Pls can i be admitted wit dis o level combination for political science,crs d7,math b3,eng c6,govt a1 an my jamb score is 202

  57. I applied for mass com scored 247but my pure subject combination is wrong it was English crs Government ND literature

  58. Good Afternoon I want to register for jamb and I want to study Educational management & B.S in FUOYE wat is Utme subjects combination for it and public administration too,
    Thanks and God bless u
    pls I need ur reply

  59. please..this is my waec result..maths b3 English c5..account. c4 economics c4 civic education b2 …my government is d7..what can I study In fuoye

  60. can I study account with this subject I did I my jamb…. maths,english,commerce,account

  61. pls sir,help me coz im confused,i had 196 in jamb and i want to study physics in fuoye,can i be admitted with dis my subject combination,,english,physics,mathematics And Biology.andalso wat of statitics?pls i reply me 4 God sake, i had credits in all my o’level result,pls ans me!

  62. i had 196 in jamb with this my subject combination math,english,physics and biology,pls can i study mathematics of physics? pls answer 4 GOD SAKE!

  63. i had 190 in jamb nd wanna study political science at fuoye,ma o level result is as follows.” govt b3 lit c6 maths b3 mrkt a1 yor e8 econs c6eng c4 civic b3 wat are ma chances of gaining admision

  64. My ques is has follow
    Did fuoye accept second choice?
    Do they offer mass comm for second choice?
    Am I going to gain admission with 206 in jamb for mass comm?

  65. can I study public administration in fuoye with jamb score 264 and waec subject combination math c6,government c5, English c6, economics c4 and civic education c6

  66. Pls can I study business education with my four o’level results which are mathematics, English,commerce, government ,and I av 172 in my post utme,or will fuoye use awaiting results

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