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You are probably here because you want to find out the best tutorial centres for UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exams. If that is the case, then you are at the right place.

You see, with the influx of business men into tutorial business, it has become increasingly difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. That is why we have created this page just to guide you in making the best decision so as to avoid falling prey to the machinations of those whose motive is NOT your admission, but profiteering.

Why It Is Difficult To Identify The Best Tutorial Centres for UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exams

If you are familiar with the terrain of UNILAG, you will agree with me that the area is littered with so many tutorial centres. There is no gainsaying the fact that there is high proliferation of tutorial centres in Akoka and its environs.

To further complicate the matter, new tutorial centres spring up almost everyday just like mushroom.

With each of these tutorial centres claiming to be the best, it becomes difficult for you to identify the best tutorial centres for UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exams.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Tutorial Centre for UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exams

There some factors that must be considered before choosing a tutorial centre. These factors are what we shall use to recommend the best tutorial centres for UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exams.

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Highlighted below are some of the factors:

Conducive Learning Environment

This is one of the factors to consider before choosing a tutorial centre. This is because environment has a lot of impact on learning. A conducive environment can accelerate the rate of assimilation and makes learning to be very easy.

On the other hand, a poor learning environment makes learning difficult. We believe that a conducive learning environment should have:

  • Comfortable Seat and Desk
  • Normal Room Temperature
  • Calm ambience without cacophony of noise from external source

Teachers/Lecturers With Pedagogical Skills To Impact

This is a very crucial factor because and that is why many tutorial centres get it wrong. It is the pedagogical skills of the teacher/lecturer that can make him/her to impact knowledge on the students.

In as much as student has a role to play in learning, that of the teacher/lecturer cannot be over-emphasized.

A teacher/lecturer endowed with pedagogical skills knows how best to impact knowledge on students with diverse educational needs and various rates of assimilation.

Here, we believe that a good teacher/lecturer should be:

  • able to understands the educational needs of each student
  • able to ensure no student is left behind no matter how slow they are in learning
  • able to use a teaching method that impacts knowledge on students with different rate of assimilation

Students Success Rate

To me, this is the most crucial factor because it is used to evaluate other factors.

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Before you choose a tutorial centre, ensure you find out their real success rate. In other words, how many percentage of their students pass UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exam?

When you know this, you will be able to know your chances of being gaining UNILAG Postgraduate admission when you eventually join their tutorials.

Here, we believe that a good tutorial centre should have at least a verifiable Success Rate of 85%.

Why Vasaskills Institute is The Best Tutorial Centre For UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exams

There are numerous tutorial centres but only few  are recommendable of which Vasaskills Institute is topping the list. Over the years, they have consistently maintained an average of 95% success rate. This means that 95% of candidates that attend their tutorials usually get admitted into the UNILAG School of Postgraduate Studies to study their desired courses.

Their tutorial centre is highly equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructures that motivate candidates to learn and make learning conducive and easy. There is available parking space as well.

There is no doubt that every tutorial centre claims to have all the aforementioned features. But the truth is that none of these tutorial centres has verifiable proofs as much as Vasaskills Institutes.

Having verified the presence of the aforementioned factors, features and benefits, which you too can verify, we hereby recommend Vasaskills Institute as the best tutorial centre for UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exams.

Why You Need Tutorials

Please if your first degree was not in University of Lagos (UNILAG), make sure you join a tutorial. We have our reasons for saying this and it is not something we can talk about here. However, let’s just give you a hint of why we are saying this.

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UNILAG is a school that is known for academic excellence. From experience, we have discovered that most candidates with a first degree from other schools usually perform poorly in the UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exam due to the palpable dichotomy between UNILAG standard and that of their schools.

However, those candidates with first degree from other schools who joined Vasaskills tutorials perform excellently well after being under the tutelage of seasoned lecturers all of whom are UNILAG ‘products’. Therefore, we strongly recommend you join their tutorials which take place on weekends close to UNILAG.

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