UNILAG Postgraduate Result Updates 2019/2020

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Check Result

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2019)

UNILAG Postgraduate result has created suspense and even restlessness in the minds of most candidates that participated in the screening exercise.

In fact, ever since the conclusion of the 2019/2020 UNILAG Postgraduate entrance exam, we have been receiving phone calls, text messages and emails from curious candidates asking when UNILAG Postgraduate result will be released.

This is why we deemed it necessary to write this post so as to keep you updated with information about UNILAG Postgraduate result. Hence, if you are trying to know when the 2019/2020 UNILAG Postgraduate result is going to be out, then you are at the right place.

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Before we continue, i want you to understand this: There is no need for you to be having restlessness and sleepless night because of UNILAG Postgraduate result. Just relax your mind because we are here to guide you.

In order to give you a detailed updates on UNILAG Postgraduate result, we have structured this post to includes the following contents:

UNILAG Postgraduate result Table of Contents


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Is UNILAG Postgraduate Result Out?

As at today, Thursday, 7th November, 2019, the 2019/2020 UNILAG Postgraduate result is ready and has been uploaded online. You can now view your result by following the procedure below. For further enquiries, call 08131822563 or 08133575214.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: UNILAG has started sending SMS notification to successfully admitted candidates. Here is how the message looks


You have been offered provisional admission into Master of International Law and Diplomacy (Part Time) for 2019/2020 session. Please proceed to the university portal for further details”.

SMS notification from UNILAG Postgraduate School to one of our candidates

If you receive such a message, congratulations! It’s real! It’s from UNILAG School of Postgraduate Studies.

Meanwhile, as events unfold, we shall keep you updated via this platform (www.academia.com.ng).

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How to Check UNILAG Postgraduate result

First of all, note that you don’t need any pin nor card to check UNILAG Postgraduate result. In other words, it doesn’t cost you anything to check your result.

All you need to check your result are your username and password. Recall that your username and password were generated for you when you were obtaining the postgraduate form.

However, if for any reason you can’t have access to your username and/or password, then you will need to retrieve your username and/or password, as the case may be.

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Please note that password/username retrieval can only be done on the school’s portal. Just go to the login page of the school and click on ‘lost password’ and follow the instructions to retrieve or create a new password or username.

To check UNILAG Postgraduate result, visit the school’s portal and login with your username and password.

UNILAG Postgraduate Result Login Portal
UNILAG Postgraduate Result Login Portal

After that, click on the ‘View Result’ menu, and your result will be displayed like the one below.

2018/2019 UNILAG Postgraduate result of a candidate that sat for the entrance exam
2018/2019 UNILAG Postgraduate result of a candidate that sat for the entrance exam

Please note that the procedure on how to check UNILAG Postgraduate result has not changed. The usual procedure is still intact.

What to Do After Checking Your UNILAG Postgraduate result

UNILAG Postgraduate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page
UNILAG Postgraduate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page

After checking your UNILAG Postgraduate result, you are expected to carry out urgent actions most especially if your score is not up to the required cut off mark for your chosen course.

However, before we tell you what to do, hear this:

Never allow your UNILAG Postgraduate result cause you emotional quagmire. No matter how bad it might seem to be, there is always a way out. After all, all things are possible to them that believe

Now, hear what you are expected to do after checking your result. If your result is not up to the cut off mark of the course you applied for, check the remark on your result. If you see ‘recommended’, it means you will be given admission.

However, if the remark on your result is ‘not recommended’, it means you might not be considered for admission. If you fall into this category and you originally applied for full time programme, we advise you go to the department and request to switch to part time.

For you to be eligible to switch, your result must be up to the cut off mark for the part time programme.

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Also, note that your chances of being considered for this option depends on the discretion of the department.

On the other hand, if you see ‘not qualified’, it simply means you do not have the required qualifications for the course.

The truth is that after the result has been published, there is little or nothing anyone can do. This is not a Post UTME where we can advise you to do a change of course immediately.

After releasing UNILAG Postgraduate result, the school will NOT release change of course form.

Can I Gain Admission If My UNILAG Postgraduate result Is Not Up to the Cut Off Mark?

We can’t answer this questions categorically no or yes. This is because there is no guarantee.

However, those who originally applied for full-time can switch to part-time if their score is up to the cut off mark.

This is how to do it: just go to your department and tell them you want change to part-time. Please note that consideration for admission is entirely at the discretion of the department.

Please beware of so many scams that have infiltrated the internet. One of such scams is the sending of unsolicited text messages to aspirants of University of Lagos (UNILAG) School of Postgraduate Studies (SPGS) that the school has offered them admission.

Meanwhile, in reality there is nothing like that. Out of ignorance, panic and desperation some aspirants eventually fall prey to such machinations by paying money to the scammers’ bank account.

This is why you must subscribe to our Free Email Newsletter Service to save you from missing any update about UNILAG Postgraduate admission and falling for scammers.

Meanwhile, if you have further questions pertaining to the 2018/2019 UNILAG Postgraduate result, use the comment box below and post your questions. We shall reply you as soon as possible.

99 thoughts on “UNILAG Postgraduate Result Updates 2019/2020

  1. what a great job and please keep the good work moving and please always keep us updated on every latest updates……..thanks

      1. I scored 44.44 for accounting ( full time) and am also not recommended. Pls can I also switch to part time.is it possible? Thks

        1. Hi Tosin,

          Yes! Go to your department and request that you want to switch to part time. Please note that there is no guarantee that your request will be granted. It entirely depends on the discretion of the department, among other factors.


  2. Thanks so much for this update. I have been much worried over the delay of the result. However, I feel much relaxed now with this update.
    Once again, thanks so much and God bless.

  3. good mornong..
    i just cehcked my pgd result now on the school site

    what could this mean please?

  4. i just checked my result for psychology, it shows 00.0, remark is not set, I am not in lagos now, I would have gone to school to find out, what does it mean

    1. It means your result has not been uploaded yet. It is not a problem at all. Just keep checking. Am sure the ICT department is still uploading results. Regards

  5. I scored 58.04 for mass communication and I wasn’t recommended, is there any way I can still get in or should I just switch to part time?
    When will cut off marks be out please?

    1. Hi Shantel,

      There is no cut off yet, and we are not sure if the school is going release since admission lists are already out.

      Mass Communication (Full Time) is a very competitive course just like MBA, and I doubt if your score can go for it.

      Hence, if there is anything you do, I suggest you act fast to avoid not being admitted.


    2. Hi Shantel,

      There is no cut off mark yet, and we are not sure if the school is going to release any, since admission lists are already out.

      Mass Communication (Full Time) is a very competitive course just like MBA, and I doubt if your score can go for it.

      Hence, if there is anything you do, I suggest you act fast to avoid not being admitted.


  6. I just checked my result now and i scored 52.54 for Education Admin & Planning (Full-time) with result remark “Not Recommended”. Can i get admission with it? And what does the “Not Recommended” means? Thank You.

    1. Hi Ezinne,

      The implication of the statement is that your being admitted is under probability. Hence, we suggest you go to your department and request to switch to part time.

      1. Good job here! Please I couldn’t find the view results on logging in. Please what could be wrong and way out? Thanks

  7. I really appreciate your effort in providing direction for us. May God help you.

    I just checked my result using this link. http://applications.unilag.edu.ng. I scored 70.59 for Master of Information Technology with the remark “Recommended”. However, when I accessed this link http://studentportal.unilag.edu.ng under view Result, it says No result. So I am confused as i was told that i have to schedule my screen through the link ( http://studentportal.unilag.edu.ng). Kindly advise

    1. Hi Kayode,

      Thank you for your comments and congratulations for making it.

      Actually, the link that displayed result for you is the right one.

      Once again, congrats

  8. i just checked my result for Masters of Law( Part time)
    I had a score of 47.96 and was recommended,however there is no list yet for Masters of Law( Part time)
    Will it is be pasted online?

  9. Just Check my result now, Msc Marketing Full Time I scored 52.06 and it is not recommended… What is the best option now …to get admission ..

    1. Hi Charles,

      We suggest you quickly visit the department and apply for part time. Meanwhile, note that the school fees of part time studies is 2 times greater than full time.

      Most importantly, consideration for your application depends on the discretion of the department.


  10. Hello,

    My name was on the admission list

    I tried following the procedure on the portal changed my password, updated my biodata but I can’t see anything like screening on the student portal.

    Am I the only one not seeing it?

    1. Once you have done that, then you can start uploading your credentials.

      After uploading your credentials, and completing the form, then print it out and take it to the screening venue on the date scheduled for your course.

      However, if you still don’t understand, then come to our office in UNILAG so that we can assist you with the process.

  11. Good day, I score 67 for Msc risk with recommended but as at today am having challenge updating my bio data on the current student on the site, pls what can I do

  12. Good day, I applied for MSc. Medical Microbiology & I scored 57.0 in the qualifying exam with recommended, have been trying to check the admission list via the general link but my course isn’t among the list of courses that has been uploaded I am confused I don’t know if the admission list will still be release or may be the result is d only means my department use cause I discovered I can’t access the list anymore though I’m yet to figure out if it’s network issues but it kept saying the site is no longer available. Pls help.

    1. Hi Francisca,
      You are not alone when it comes to such experience. Many have experienced such. Please don’t wait for admission lists. If the remark on your result is “recommended”, then proceed with the registration procedure by changing your password and editing your biodata. Regards

  13. Thanks so much for the previous response to my question, I really do appreciate.
    I have been trying to login using same procedure I used to check my result 3weeks ago but it kept saying password mismatch. Pls help I don’t know what to do.

    1. You are welcome. There could be few courses for this. Firstly, it might be that your password has been changed by someone else. Remember that the default password for every candidate is their surname. Also, the first thing that is required for you to do after you have been given admission is to change your password and edit your biodata. This means that anyone that knows your application number and surname can change your password.

      If that be the case, i suggest you contact the person that did registration for you to confirm if they have changed your password. This is because they have your info with them and might want you to patronize them again.

      Alternatively, you can go to School of Postgraduate and rectify the issue if the option above failed


  14. pls, I am a candidate for 2018/2019 masters degree in project management entrance exam but I have not seen my result either pass or fail! why? kindly assist.

  15. Please sir, I went late for the exam for 2019/2020 exam because I was indisposed and I wasn’t allowed for the exam.. What can I do?

  16. please sir!. Have been admitted,pls what’s the next thing to do? Is it Payment of acceptance fee first or I should go to the department first.. thanks

    1. The school is yet to release the next line of action. However, going by the previous years, the next step should be the payment of acceptance and booking of appointment for screening.

  17. hi ,i just checked on my page and after payment advise option there is no view result option,what could that mean

  18. Good afternoon, I did the MBA entrance exam and I have not been able to check my result. Even the results list through the link doesn’t have Masters of Buisness administration on it.

  19. Hi,
    I checked the list but couldn’t find my name. So I decided to check for my score on my dashboard. I clicked on home to view my result but it’s not showing. Could it be that my result haven’t been uploaded?

          1. I cant log in again. Will visiting the spgs be okay. I had already uploaded my data and as at when I checked my credentials were still intact. Have HBP here… Pls I need help

          2. You don’t need to develop HBP because of that. The school is currently working on the portal and that is why you are experiencing that. Just calm down and check back later.

  20. Hi, I’m yet to receive any message from unilag postgraduate and there’s no view result menu on my profile. Please what should I do?

  21. Thanks for for updates, i’ve been offered admission but i have not been able to book a date for the screening, the option section for selecting appointment is empty. Please what can i do. Thanks

      1. I logged in in the right portal but no result view and when i checked the admission list i cant find Msc Management and thats what i applied for and the exam i wrote, cant see the list for msc Management.

  22. Hello, I applied for MBA but I didn’t see my name on the list. Can’t check my result either. Will there be a second list or do I just move on? Thank you.

  23. Please what should i do if my name is not on the postgraduate admission list 2019/2020 because i just checked now but my name is not there

  24. Good day sir, and thanks for all your assistance. i finally checked and saw 57.16 not recommended for POM. am in shock!

  25. Hi
    I checked my result( Msc Marketing, PT) on the portal and I scored 63.53 ,but Result Remark says Not Qualified.
    What does that mean?

  26. Hi
    I’ve checked my result 54.85 and the remark is recommended, how can I check admission list for pgd education administration and planning?.

      1. Hi Pelumi, please do you have any info of why pgd in educational planing and admin is not yet out…My score is 51.67 and i have recommended on the remark. Thank you

  27. Please I saw supplementary recommendation when I checked my result (however in sandwich) . I don’t know what that means sir

  28. Please i had 44.82.. i put in for Msc Public Health Part time and i saw not recommended.

    Please how what can i do to make through? Its part time I’m applying for

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